NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6

from: Neuxpower Solutions Ltd.

Order number: NX60dRVE

  • Dateioptimierung
  • Unterstützt Office- & PDF-Dateien
  • Eigene Optimierungsmöglichkeiten einstellen
  • Neue Plug-In und Zip-Funktionen


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Do you want to optimize PDF and other files? NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6 is the deluxe file optimizer for you

Optimize PDF, JPG and Microsoft Office files at the push of a button

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6 solves the problem of file overload and makes it easy to optimize PDF, Word, PowerPoint and other files. A PowerPoint presentation with embedded tables and images is so much bigger today than it used to be and takes up lots of space. For example, a presentation often contains images in high resolution when high resolution is not really needed and Microsoft Office tends to create extra and unnecessary files. With NXPowerLite, you can optimize PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and JPG files at the push of a button- it's effective and doesn't compromise the integrity of your file content. NXPowerLite produces a significantly smaller file that uses up less storage space and is easier to forward, search and fetch. To optimize PDF and other files means less strain on your inbox, improved security for embedded documents and virus scans and quicker access to files, for example when fetching a file from the server in Home Office. File optimization brings positive results on many levels: you reduce storage space, time and stress! If you are looking to optimize PDF, JPG or Microsoft Office files without fuss, then NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6 - the market leader in comfortable and safe file optimization - is the right choice for you.

Optimize PDF, Word, PowerPoint and other files for more space and less hassle

The biggest Microsoft Office files tend to be PowerPoint presentations: images and templates create overloaded files. Optimizing your files can significantly reduce their size and thanks to NXPowerLite it's super easy. This file optimizer integrates as an add-in into Microsoft Office, your mailing program and Internet Explorer and can automatically optimize PDF, JPG or Microsoft Office files - without zipping or unzipping. It is always a good idea to optimize image-laden files. You can optimize PDF and Word files and optimize them just as easily as a PowerPoint presentation. The new file formats for Microsoft Office (pptx, docx etc) are all supported and the Word file can be edited exactly the same way after the file has been compressed. Why you should choose NXPowerLite to optimize PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and JPG files:

  • -NXPowerLite improves network efficiency and performance
  • -Choose your own optimization settings when you optimize PDF and other files
  • -With NXPowerLite, you can even optimize supported files that have been zipped into a .ZIP archive
  • -Immediately release storage space when you optimize PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and JPG files
  • -Plus many more benefits.

    Systemvoraussetzungen für "NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6"

    • Kompatibel mit PCs unter Microsoft Windows (ab Windows 2000).
    • Optimiert JPEGs, PDFs und Microsoft Word-Dokumente, Excel-Tabellen und PowerPoint-Präsentationen, die mit Office 97 und höher erstellt wurden (oder mit einer anderen Anwendung, die Dateien im Word-, Excel- oder PowerPoint-Format speichern kann, z. B. OpenOffice, StarOffice oder Google Text & Tabellen).
    • Microsoft Office braucht nicht installiert zu sein. Die Komprimierung mancher Word-Dokumente wird jedoch verbessert, wenn Word installiert ist. Für die optionale Microsoft Office-Integration ist Office 2002 oder höher erforderlich.
    • NXPowerLite optimiert auch Ihre in den Office 2013 erstellten Dokumente sowie wie gewohnt die in XML-Dateiformaten von Office 2007 (z. B. PPTX, DOCX und XLSX) erstellten Dateien.

    Thank you for your interest in NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6. If you would like to test the product, try our free demo. Just click the donwload button below.

    NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6 - Download Trial Version for Win

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