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In this category you'll find many useful tools and helpful features for PC and Mac that will make your daily worklife easier. We offer classics like WinZip but also innovative tools like NXPowerLite so you can optimize your MS Office documents and compress them losslessly. Try them, buy them, love them.

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6

Compress PDF, JPG and Microsoft office files at the push of a button with NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v6 - the deluxe file compressor.

€47.60 *
Tabbles Business

Tabbles Business is an innovative approach to organizing data. Use tags to categorize your files and share them with colleagues via LAN or the Cloud.

€50.99 *
Tabbles Corporate

Tabbles Corporate is a smart file manager that lets you categorize your data with tags and share your files with others via LAN or the Cloud.

€95.00 *
Tabbles Home

Tabbles Home is the future of electronic document management. Organize your files and folders using tags. Share your files via LAN or the Cloud.

Instead of: €29.99 * €23.99 *
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